Neon Dreams and Neon Missions

Closing Up at Zandy’s in Allentown, PA, 2009. A few days ago I had a dream. Don’t laugh, but it was about a sign. I was driving down a familiar road, or at least, a road that was familiar in my dream. I passed by a large and impressive sign, one that I must have … Continue reading “Neon Dreams and Neon Missions”

Old Friends

Picking up where I left off last week… New Jersey is strangely familiar to both of us. After all, Laura’s parents both came from New Jersey and both of my paternal grandparents grew up in Woodbury. We had both made several trips into the state as children, and every turn seemed to conjure up some … Continue reading “Old Friends”

This Week on Jersey Shore

“It was an education,” Laura said, when the day was all over. Like just about everyone we know, we have a list of things we’d like that we would probably like to do one day if the weather is not too bad and it’s not too far away and my cousin isn’t coming to town … Continue reading “This Week on Jersey Shore”

Highway 61 Revisited

For a number of years, we would travel along PA 61 through the heart of Coal Country to get to my in-laws’ house. It was always an interesting trip, and was another source that fed my love for signs, especially the old ones. It also fed my love for preserving the memory of these signs: … Continue reading “Highway 61 Revisited”