Out of the Past

As you might imagine, I have a pretty sizable love for old stuff, so on occasion I’ve been known to stop by an antique mall or two. A couple weeks ago, I went with a purpose: my nephews were having a costume birthday party and I was going to go as a spy. So naturally … Continue reading “Out of the Past”

Update on Ellis Brothers

The good news first: since it was the Contemporary Furniture store owned by Ellis Brothers that burned down, and since there is an alley that separates Ellis Brothers’ two stores, reports of Binghamton’s long-standing furniture store’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. The bad news is that half of Ellis Brothers’ business will have to be … Continue reading “Update on Ellis Brothers”

Where Credit Is Due

Hand lettered sign, Helmrich’s Seafood, Williamsport, PA One of the coolest things to happen to me in a while happened to me last week: it seems that the type designer Tobias Frere-Jones was writing an article for his blog on the subject of regional type. The main body of the article is a list he … Continue reading “Where Credit Is Due”

At the Last Minute

Let’s back up a bit. A few months ago, I put out a post called “Tales of Philly Sales,” about a dear departed department store in the city of Binghamton. The response on that particular post has been tremendous, which led me to think about writing a sequel to it, sharing some of the memories … Continue reading “At the Last Minute”