An Engagement

skaneateles-bake-shopLast year at this time, my sister-in-law Rachel wanted to know if we would be available to take some engagement pictures. After all, she and her finacee Derek were going to get married in October of 2013, so why not to take engagement pictures that reflect the season. She also wanted to know where would be best to take them. Laura and I did not hesitate. We chose our favorite spot, Skaneateles, NY.

The trip coincided with something I wanted to cross off my to-do list, a spot in nearby Auburn, New York that I had been just itching to get. The confluence of the Hunter Dinerant, a great ghost sign behind it, and the Genesee Sign in the distance. In the process, I found two other great signs. So, since quite honestly I’m rushed with all the wedding preparations this week, here’s a selection of these:

Genesee-Fays-Hunter Genesee-Fays-3

We found this one just down the street…dauts-fine-food And this one around the corner…bee-line

Happy wedding week, guys!


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