Won’t you take me to (Quakertown)

News Agency, Quakertown, PA 2009 In 2009, I had just started my journey. After years of film, I had moved on to digital, which provided me (at least in my own mind)  brand new opportunity to take pictures of any and all things that existed. I’ve said before that the above picture was the first … Continue reading “Won’t you take me to (Quakertown)”

Neon Dreams and Neon Missions

Closing Up at Zandy’s in Allentown, PA, 2009. A few days ago I had a dream. Don’t laugh, but it was about a sign. I was driving down a familiar road, or at least, a road that was familiar in my dream. I passed by a large and impressive sign, one that I must have … Continue reading “Neon Dreams and Neon Missions”