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From time to time, when I have a free moment, I research signs I would like to get shots of and then I write them down on a piece of paper or a notebook that I promptly lose. Having just come across one such slip of paper, I felt it was high time that I create a better system. And here it is, my online version of my sign to-do list, but here’s the fun part…well, maybe not the fun part, but what passes for fun on a rainy Wednesday…I’m leaving this open to comments, so if you see any signs on this list that have since disappeared, or if you have any other suggestions that are not in Antarctica or the Yukon, I would greatly appreciate it!

Wherever possible, I’ll try to put a link to a picture of the sign. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

I soon realized that there are far too many entries to be contained here without it getting annoying…so I’ve broken down the list to regions:

More signs to come as I get to them. I also have a pictorial depiction of them on a Pinterest board, in case you are interested.

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    1. Absolutely! Although our lives are so positively crazy that we never know exactly when we’ll be anywhere…this weekend, for instance, we were in Lewisburg helping my sister-in-law move…but we do make it down there quite a bit!

  1. If you get down to Philly stop over to Glassboro, NJ, and check out Angelo’s Diner on Main Street…classic little diner with a nice 50’s feel to it! There’s also a great movie theater sign in Paulsboro, NJ, the Hill Theatre and the Broadway in Pitman, N.J. Now that I think of it, S. Jersey has a lot of pretty cool signs!

  2. Scott:

    Thanks to Mod Betty at Retro Roadmap I came across your blog!! Love it!!

    I travel all over and signs are just one of my “collectibles”. I have a ton of town signs, a few motel signs and neon as well. Some great ones like “Tightwad Bank” in Missouri, “Stoner Drug” in Iowa, “Okay Police” in Oklahoma and tons more.

    Gonna follow your exploits and travels, especially the unplanned ones!


    1. I had heard of Tightwad Bank before, and must visit someday. Actually found the Tightwad Bank site, Talk about an advertising campaign that writes itself!

      Stoner Drug is another classic I got wind of a few years ago, another “must”.

      Great blog, by the way! Just visited.

  3. Scott. This is a cool blog. The content would also make great coffee table book. Thanks for preserving history.

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