Farewell to the Port Motel

Port Motel, Port Trevorton, PA

The news hit me last week that the Port Motel sign has officially disappeared. Built in 1952, the Port was part of a bygone era, before interstate highways, when US routes were the main mode of transportation. This motel was along US 11 and 15 along the Susquehanna in the town of Port Trevorton, PA, and its original design contained an Esso station and the Port Diner. The motel closed a number of years ago and it had been turned into storage units, all the while the motel sign remaining.

From old post cards of the motel, I discovered that the star was added later, perhaps as late as the seventies. If you’ll notice on the wireframe below the sign and to the left, that once housed a bit of neon as well, proudly announcing that they had “TV.”

Port Motel, Port Trevorton, PA

This sign was the subject of at least three photo shoots of mine. This last grouping was from August of last year, and as far as anyone can tell, the sign disappeared over the winter. I had previously shot the sign in the morning, and these were from magic hour, as you can tell from the shadows of me and my Elantra above.

Port Motel sign, Port Trevorton, PA

If anyone has any news about the whereabouts of this sign, it would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to think it’s lying about in a junkyard somewhere.

Farewell, old friend. Visit this and many other lost treasures in my Vanishing America section.

To-Do List Updates

I’ve been very busy lately gathering some links to sign pictures through the interwebs. In case you haven’t gone to the To-Do List page lately, I decided to break things up into states, because quite frankly the list was getting too long and disorganized. Plus, I’ve had some crossings-off of the list, most notably, the Llanerch Diner. If I would get off my lazy butt and process the pictures I took from Hot Dog Johnny’s in Buttzville, NJ, I would have that one as well.

In the process of creating these subpages, I created two new ones, for Ohio and Delaware. Originally I wasn’t going to do an Ohio page, but when I saw a picture of Bun’s Restaurant in Delaware, Ohio while researching Delaware locations, I knew I had to add it. I also promise to get a Maryland page out soon.

Also, for the visually stimulated, I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to my To-Do list.