Get It While It’s in Season

My father woke up one morning and said, “I need some french-fried lobster.” Not only is the first line of a novel I will not write, but it is also a fact. I might have been a teenager when that fateful morning occurred, but if I was, I would have been in just under the … Continue reading “Get It While It’s in Season”

A Lot Else, You See What I Mean

Originally, when I wrote The Path Walker Evans Took, I had this idea that I would write a post solely on what Walker Evans, if he were still alive, would take pictures of today. This post was to feature several pictures that I would take myself: a) in color, because I personally don’t think he … Continue reading “A Lot Else, You See What I Mean”

Death of a Flower: Protea

For this series, I’ve been trying to find flowers that stay upright as long as possible. The idea of a drooping, wilted flower is really appealing at first, until you realize that, for the most part, wilted flowers pretty much look the same. I went with sunflowers, and loved the result. I started to look … Continue reading “Death of a Flower: Protea”

Found: Seriously? Another Couch

“There’s another one around the corner,” Laura said. Every smart answer I could think of flooded into my head. In this case, though, I knew what she was talking about. As you know, Allentown has been littered with old couches waiting to be picked up for the morning trash. This was the third in a … Continue reading “Found: Seriously? Another Couch”

Summers by the Lake: Remembering John Margolies

Last week, I saw an innocent little item Mod Betty had put on her Facebook page concerning the John Margolies collection that the Library of Congress put out recently. John Margolies passed away last year, and the LOC was providing those interested with a look at over 11,000 images he had taken over the years … Continue reading “Summers by the Lake: Remembering John Margolies”

From Japan to Sweden without Leaving New Jersey

I kid New Jersey. We all kid New Jersey. After all, it’s hard not to kid New Jersey when they present you with things like this: (Those of you not from New Jersey, this is the Cannonball Loop from Action Park, a ride so unsafe they shut it down after a month. Reportedly they sent … Continue reading “From Japan to Sweden without Leaving New Jersey”