Found: Seriously? Another Couch

“There’s another one around the corner,” Laura said. Every smart answer I could think of flooded into my head. In this case, though, I knew what she was talking about. As you know, Allentown has been littered with old couches waiting to be picked up for the morning trash. This was the third in a … Continue reading “Found: Seriously? Another Couch”

Lost: Corner of a Sectional Couch

The conversation reads in my head like this: Woman: We’ve got to get rid of this old couch. It’s so old and… Man: I like it fine in the basement where it is. Woman: It’s not even good enough for the basement. Honestly, I’m embarrassed to have it in the house. We’ve got to take … Continue reading “Lost: Corner of a Sectional Couch”

Found: One Can of Whipped Cream

Things get left behind on trash day. It happens. And that’s what might have happened here, but upon closer inspection, I don’t think so. All that was left on this area between the sidewalk and the road was a) the can of whipped cream, and b) the pink cap for the can of whipped cream. … Continue reading “Found: One Can of Whipped Cream”