Motel Madness

Port Motel, Port Trevorton, PA

One of the things that I noticed right away is that people tend to respond very positively toward my pictures of motel signs. I found this interesting, and somewhat understandable. We all have some weird visceral response to motels, whether it be through experience or because we watched “Psycho” at a young age. Fascinated, horrified, and enthralled all at the same time. And we all have a story of this motel or that motel.

Mine: in college, taking a trip with a team. The guy in the charge of the trip chose it beforehand, (we guess) site unseen. Me and two other guys in a dive to end all dives. Bugs in the bathroom. Suspicious stain on the wall. Switched on the TV and switched it off quickly before we all got an eyeful of porn. Looked out the back window and there was a brick wall literally two inches away from the glass.

And you probably have a motel story similar to this. In honor of this, I’ve put a page together of my favorite motels. Enjoy the grunge!

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