The New Jersey Expeditions

There are plenty of things I forget on a constant basis. Among them: The Cubs are not going to win the division. Lid down. Just because a burger is flame-broiled doesn’t necessarily make it a good burger. Although that Toyota ad with “Jan” started out with a promising concept, it’s not going to be in … Continue reading “The New Jersey Expeditions”

Farewell to the Port Motel

The news hit me last week that the Port Motel sign has officially disappeared. Built in 1952, the Port was part of a bygone era, before interstate highways, when US routes were the main mode of transportation. This motel was along US 11 and 15 along the Susquehanna in the town of Port Trevorton, PA, … Continue reading “Farewell to the Port Motel”

Philadelphia Freedoms, Part 3 (Termini Brothers)

There is a deep mystery about Philadelphia. I shared with you a little bit of that in my first post from Philly, about my friend who couldn’t say enough bad things about the city but still insisted that he loved the place. I was reading up on Sun Ra, the legendary jazz performer and outer … Continue reading “Philadelphia Freedoms, Part 3 (Termini Brothers)”